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Website development

All big companies have a website, but nowadays even your local car dealer and bakery is expected to have one. Potential customers may use it to read about:

  • information about the items you sell
  • types of services offered by the company
  • special offers
  • openings hours and holidays
  • address and phone number
  • etc.

This may make the difference between a deal and no deal. However, as a manager of a small company, you don't want to spent a lot of money on yet another place potential customers may look for you (like the yellow pages, ...). Here dotC can help you: dotC makes simple but good websites for an affordable prize.


How much costs a website, you might ask. Well, you should divide this into two parts: the annual costs for the hosting your website (this is around EUR 30) and the costs for the creation of the website, which is a onetime cost. As an indication: for setting up a website like this ( dotC will charge you around EUR 600 (when all texts, logo's etc. are provided electronically). After dotC has created your website, you can use it without a time constraint and without an annual fee. Updating your website (for changing e.g. the special offers or the holiday schedule) can be done by yourself (quite easy, like typing a text in Word) or, if you wish, dotC can do this for you.


Here are some websites Bart has designed and developed: